Passage Graves Series

Maeshowe Twelve years ago, during a lull at work, after a random search on the internet I came across the phrase: “PASSAGE GRAVES”. My brain exploded. Just the name had me hooked. What in the world was a passage grave? Life changed in that moment, and the four-book series of PASSAGE GRAVES was born. The story immediately blossomed. Like other writers say, the story “came to me.”

PASSAGE GRAVES was originally written as a screenplay while I was a post-grad film student at UCLA. In fact, in its infancy, the script was entered in a screenplay contest sponsored by Steven Spielberg and won a finalist award. Over the next decade, I turned it into a well-researched novel. The characters came alive and a larger story arch emerged.


Passage Graves – Book I

Passage Graves Apocrypha – Book II

Passage Graves Apostasy – Book III

Passage Graves Apocalypse – Book IV

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