Author Bio

Madyson RushMadyson Rush wasn’t born, she was adopted. She attributes her writing ability to her adoptive mother because early home life arguments were always settled by abiding her mother’s motto “use your words.” Rush isn’t British, but she would like to be. When she reads the Bible, her voice sounds British in her head. She is the winner of her 5th and 6th grade elementary school’s prestigious “Young Author” award.

In her free time, Rush enjoys practicing her autograph and crashing Mary Kay parties. Her dream is to be on an airplane sitting next to someone reading one of her books. When she is feeling sad, she writes sad poems. When she is feeling happy, she writes sad poems. She likes supermodels and asparagus, after all, they are both quite similar.

Rush’s bibliography includes books in multiple genres:

~ TECHNO-THRILLERS (“Passage Graves” series)

~ YA FICTION (look for her upcoming debut of “Psi Series”, as well as “Project Blue Book” and “Pickle”

~ LITERARY FICTION (“Stillpoint” and “The Devil’s Gate”)

~ CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS (“Terrible Things You Can Do with the Letter B”, “What the Phobia?” and “While You Were Away”

Some of her most popular quotes:

“Mildred had eyes like a near-sighted hawk; if anything took place three inches from her face she knew about it.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one that went around in circles into the Eye of Mordor, which smelled strangely like natural gas and was guarded by giant spiders, rodents of usual size, and this emaciated naked guy who kept going on and on about his precious.”

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